I will 2d animate your character for you

2d animate your character for you
2d animate your character for you
2d animate your character for you

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Description 10-second Rough animation 10-second Line animation 10-second Fully colored animation
  Animation will be really rough, with not that many details in the characters and no background. The rough animation will be taken one step further - better, smoother movement and cleaner drawings. Line animation will be colored and shaded.
The number of tweaks the seller includes.
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About This Gig

I can animate whatever you'd like me to animate (except for NSFW). Battle scenes, looped animation, lip syncing, or just simple little things - you name it! Just tell me exactly what you want done, and how, and I'll do it for you. A rabbit eating a carrot? Done. Your character frolicking in a field of flowers? Done. A robot unicorn stabbing the Demon lord in the eyes while flames go up in the sky in the fire of battle? Done.
The only thing I require from you, is - if you'd like me to animate your own original creation (most commonly known as OC), please provide me reference work so I can have an idea of what I'm dealing with.

Please note that I do have the right to refuse a job for any motive - please don't take it personally.
If for any reason the job gets delayed, I'll personally contact you and let you know.

Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What program do you use?
    I mostly use Adobe Flash, but I've been learning CACANi and ToonBoom.
  • What kind of information do you need about my character to animate it?
    Before I start animating your character, I'll need a reference drawing or a well-written description of your character, and - SUPER IMPORTANT - the character's personality. Once you give me that, and only then, I will start working on your animation.
  • I have an idea of an animation. Can you do it for me?
    Sure. If you do have something specific in mind, though, I'll need what we call storyboards - think of a movie in the shape of a comic strip. If you can't provide me that, a well-written script should do.
  • I want an animation that's longer than 10 seconds. What now?
    Please contact me so we can sort out the details!