I will feature you as an artist or filmmaker in luxury mens online mag

feature you as an artist or filmmaker in luxury  mens online mag

About This Gig

If you are an artist, writer or filmmaker, you can be featured in our culture (or any of its subsections) for 1 week. 
We will publish your artist statement, upcoming shows, book launching, interviews, statements, films, etc.

You can include up to 600 words content and 2 images. - We strongly suggest your profile pic + portfolio / book cover, art show poster or film poster. You write the article. No proofreading. Grammar or spelling mistakes will make for a rejected article.

For 1 extra gig you can add a youtube video, a permanent ad banner or publish up to 1200 words with up to 4 images.

Our mag gets an average of 40k unique visitors, at 4.70 average pageviews per visitor. We offer a highly targeted readership for each of our sections.

Included: 2 backlinks.

Onlyrelated content will be published, and any article, image or ad banner may be rejected by our editors if not complying with our writing or design guidelines. Please keep in mind that this is a luxury magazine. Content should be written accordingly. Qualifying articles will give you exposure to the top 1% in our proposed niches.

Contact us for any custom needs and get an awesome price tag!

Order Details

4 days delivery 1 Revision