I will provide Professional Male Voice Over For All Your Business or Personal Projects

Outstanding Experience!
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2 for 2. Great work!!!
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provide Professional Male Voice Over For All Your Business or Personal Projects
provide Professional Male Voice Over For All Your Business or Personal Projects

About This Gig

BUY WITH CONFIDENCE compare 14.200+ 100% Reviews

#1 Producing Male Voice Actor on Fiverr 5+yrs

Over 23.400+ Delivered

I am a FULL TIME Voice artist,

on and off Fiverr from my own studio

Neumann TLM107 mic, Pro Tools editor 

Top of line studio and sound quality!

Excellent Customer Service!

24 Hr or less turn around!

Cost based on $5 for every 75 words

Projects 1 to 100.000 + words, contact me for a quote.

I specialize In Long Large Read Projects

Business Training Tutorials

Sync/Match voice with video

Voice Power Point Presentations to HD video

Phone greetings

On hold Message

Live on Phone Direction for reads available..see add ons


1 FREE GIG with orders over 2 gigs.  Just mention this deal!

**Script Mandatory** 

Please read the instructions when placing an order!


All audio is high quality Wav or MP3. NO EXTRA CHARGE

Download link for my demo


Whatever you need. I will work with you to get it right 

Other specialized work:

YouTube Video voice


Whiteboard Animation/ Explainer voice


Audio Book


Anything Audio

Thanks, I look forward to working with you.

See all my gigs:  www.fiverr.com/markc1542

Order Details

1 day delivery

Contact me in the message first

I can put together a custom quote with any add on's below, contact me first with the contact button

  • Video Sync
  • Separate Files
  • Script Proofreading
  • HQ Audio File
  • Commercial Use
  • Background Music
Number of words
This Package includes 75 words. For each additional 75 words, the price is $5.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the normal delivery time for projects?
    Most all projects are delivered on a 24 hour delivery time from time of order. I do provide Express delivery which will place your order at the front of the line, and it will be delivered usually within 1 to 4 hours during my day time hours locally.
  • Is there a limit to how many words I can have on my project for you to read?
    No Limits. I am here to help you voice your project, if it has 1 word or 1 million words or anywhere inbetween. Larger word count projects however may take longer then the usual 24 hours to deliver.
  • Can you match the voice to a video or Power Point presentation and make it into a final HD video?
    Yes, I do many projects for power point to video, or voice to video. Contact me first so I can see what you need done
  • Can we contact you in person to give live direction on how we want our reads done?
    Yes I offer a add on for Live Direction. Once ordered, I will provide you a way to call or Skype with me for live direction during, before or after the reads. This can be especially good if your trying to specify a special way of saying something in the script, as if your sitting right in studio
  • Can we choose the music track we want when asking you to add music to a project?
    Yes, Once you order with the music add on, then I send you the link to go to and you can listen to all selections, 1000's of them, and choose the one you want.
  • How are the read costs figured on a script read?
    I base the cost off the word count of the script, 1 gig, $5, for every 75 words
  • Are you available for quick express deliveries?
    Yes, I am a full time voice artist and in my studio 7 days a week on Mountain Time US. I can take an order with express delivery added, and get it done for you usually within 1 to 4 hours or less