I will post your article on my website

post your article on my website
post your article on my website

About This Gig

Welcome. My offer is a simple one. It goes like this: 

The article should be around 500 words long. I will automatically add in a dofollow link and promote that on my Facebook, plus Twitter accounts.
The post will be in a blog that I'll share on Google+ too.
The only thing I won't accept is erotica, commercial posts (work online opportunities) or political.

It should be thought provoking, genuine and express your passion. The reader wants to get to know you. 

The "dofollow" is added at the bottom. This would be where you want the reader to go. (What website are you attempting to draw them to. That's my thought on that. :) ) Plus I urge you to show off the submission to as many as you can. 

"Revisions" as stated above are more to do with ensuring the editing of the article looks good, so you look good. I really only expect that I'll need to go over it once with you (if needed).

Screenshots and website addresses are provided when the work is done. (I want to make sure that you can see I did the job I said I would do.)
I welcome the chance to work with you in the hopes that you enjoy the services that I provide.
If there are any questions or feedback please let me know. 

Order Details

5 days delivery 1 Revision

Post To Website and Blog

Submitting your article to my website and blog, then sharing it on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How quick can you really get it done?
    Good question. I do expect to be able to have it up sooner than the five days but I want to make sure I cover any unforeseen situations. (For example email communications that we may need.)
  • How many times can I post an article with you?
    You can submit as many new articles as you wish. The more the merrier. However, just make sure it's something new and not repeating what you said in the first one. For example, if you do book reviews you can write about the new novel you just read.
  • What can I really write about?
    Anything (except what I stated above). Let's say you're an author - show off your new book. What about if you enjoy reading - how about a book review. If you have a subject that you LOVE and want to share - perfect place for it.