I will do user testing to find problems with user experience

do user testing to find problems with user experience

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Description First Impressions Longer Testing Comprehensive Report
  I will screen record my first impressions of your Home page or a single landing page. I will screen record first impressions and then shop & explore other pages, sign-up, etc. I will screen record as with the STANDARD plus include a summary PDF report.
Test Desktop
Seller will test your site/product in a desktop environment (see specifics in description).
Test Scenario
Seller will follow a specific test scenario provided by you (e.g. registration, adding product to cart, searching etc.).
Summary Report
Seller will provide a written report highlighting issues and providing recommendations regarding the UX of the site/product.
Screen Recording Time (Min.)
Seller will record his screen and audio while testing your site/product ( minimum recording time).
5 20 20
Pages Tested
Number of pages/screens of your site/product the seller will test.
Delivery time

About This Gig

How you think visitors shop your website is often different from the way they actually do!  In this user testing, I play the role of your visitor via screen capture video and give you feedback about my user experience -- what I'm thinking as I shop, navigate and test website function. See how easily I complete a specific task, general shopping scenario, find usability problems and uncover why people get stuck.

  • Female Perspective - If your business sells to women, this test will be valuable for you because women shop differently. 

  • Generational Perspective - After viewing over 3000 websites, I have a good eye for recognizing cues that appeal to Boomers, Gen X (my generation), and Millennials.  

  • HD Quality Included - Some sellers charge extra for this, but I include high definition with large video dimensions for easy viewing.

  • Watch Me Test Your Website - The Fiverr delivery system allows you to watch the video directly inside the order area or you can download and share with others.

No gambling, cannabis, sexuality, occult.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I need a complete review of my website. What can you offer?
    User testing for 20 minutes is a good start (STANDARD) for most business & e-commerce sites. The more pages and tasks you want thoroughly tested, then you may need additional time. Please err on the side of caution rather than order too little testing time. Or, ask me for a custom offer.
  • I'm on a tight deadline, how fast will this be delivered?
    Regular delivery varies from 3 to 5 days depending on the package. You can order faster delivery for each package for $5.
  • What browser and OS do you use?
    I use the current version of Chrome (now 57) and operate on Windows 7.
  • Can you test a mobile website?
    Yes, you may substitute the mobile version for the desktop. Or, there is the option to add mobile testing during checkout for +$5 per 5 minutes of mobile testing.
  • Can you test my app?
    At this time, I cannot test anything that must be installed on my desktop or mobile device.
  • Can I get this white labeled?
    Yes, this option is available during checkout for +$5. I'll remove all of my Fiverr branding.
  • What is included in the Comprehensive Report?
    I have a detailed questionnaire that I will complete after testing your website. These are common questions that clients usually ask me after performing a test. Delivered as a PDF file.