About This Gig

I own a Kindle Erotica Community page on Facebook (dubbed Digital Temptations) which has thousands of genuine followers who like Erotica.  For $5, I will post a message that you provide about your ebook recommending it to my  fan base.

 The product must have an average rating of 3.5-star or higher. Hint: there are several providers on fiverr who will be happy to leave a product review for your title


 the text and the image of the promotional message should meet the following Facebook guidelines:

(i) Ads that lead to pornography or sexually explicit or suggestive images are not allowed to be advertised on Facebook
(ii) Ads and sponsored stories in News Feed may not include images comprised of more than 20% text 

If your cover doesn't meet these criteria, you will need to provide us an alternative image.  We can procure one for you from bigstockphoto as a gig Xtra. 

Guaranteed  Results with FB Boost: if you  promote an erotica title priced at or below $2.99, and 
buy the FB Boost Gig Extra, we guarantee we will sell at least 2 copies or issue you a full refund. (No Guarantees without the FB Boost) 

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