I will give you expert advice on trading

give you expert advice on trading
give you expert advice on trading

About This Gig

A 1 on 1 skype chat detailing expert personal experience in the trading environment. 
Track record has exceeded successful trades for over 5 years now and I maintain a consistent win-loss ratio.

  • Will explain in-depth procedure and strategies that will assist you in your trading experience. 
  • Get trading entrance and exit strategies from professional.
  • The do's and dont's when trading forex currencies.
  • Attaining best trading methods and strategies that will exceed your previous equity gain.
  • Stop-loss assessment and when and where to place a stop.
  • Personal trading stories and how to avoid losing more that you should.

All in out this Skype chat will be designed to leave you with a more confident demeanor and give you a fresher outlook on the forex market.


Order Details

Expert trading opinion.

Personal trading advice on best used mechanisms and tips on how to operate in the forex market.

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