I will list simple and variation items to Newegg

list simple and variation items to Newegg

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Description UPTO 20 SKUs UPTO 100 SKUs UPTO 250 SKUs
  Listing sections will be optimized: 1) Title, 2) Images, 3) Description, 4) Attributes. Listing sections will be optimized: 1) Title, 2) Images, 3) Description, 4) Attributes. Listing sections will be optimized: 1) Title, 2) Images, 3) Description, 4) Attributes.
Competitor Research
Seller will research competitors to improve and differentiate the copy
Focus Keywords
Seller will write copy using the amount of focus keywords indicated
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Titles Included (Per Product)
Seller will include the number of titles indicated for each product listing
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About This Gig

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Platform Expertise

Shopping Carts
✓  WordPress Woocommerce
✓  BigCommerce
✓  Shopify
✓  Magento
✓  Volusion

✓  eBay
✓  Amazon
✓  Buy.com
✓  Jet.com
✓  Sears
✓  BidorBuy
✓  Tesco
✓  TradeMe
✓  Etsy
✓  Newegg
✓  Bonanza
✓  Houzz

3rd Party Tools
✓  M2EPro
✓  Linnworks
✓  StitchLabs
✓  VoloCommerce
✓  ChannelGrabber
✓  Shopping Cart Elite
✓  Monsoon Commerce
✓  SellerExpress
✓  Ecomdash
✓  Go Data Feed
✓  Storefeeder

Our experiences include:
  1. Collects information from manufacturer/supplier's website and enter it in template excel/csv file
  2. Upload inventory file or add individual products to the website
  3. Image and Picture cropping using Photoshop
  4. Update meta keyword and meta description

For complex products with much details and option setup (i.e. more images, tags, meta descriptions or in case additional work involved) please contact me first before you order.                                     

***Please send me a message if you need work done other than those listed above, I will take care 100% ***

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What products can I sell on Newegg?
    All available product categories are listed on the seller commission page Currently, all Computer Hardware and Consumer Electronics products are under evaluation and are approved on a case by case basis.
  • What is an SKU?
    SKU (stockkeeping unit) is an identification, usually alphanumeric, of a particular product that allows it to be tracked for inventory purposes. Typically, an SKU (pronounced w/ the individual letters or as SKYEW) is associated with any purchasable item in a store or catalog.
  • What is Product / Listing Optimization?
    Production optimization is the practice of making changes or adjustments to a product to make it more desirable and help the listing rank higher on searches.
  • What's a listing with variations?
    Instead of creating a number of separate listings for an item that has multiple options, you can create a single multi-quantity fixed price listing that includes all the variations you offer. For example, a t-shirt might come in multiple colors and sizes.
  • What is "Attributes" in product listing?
    Product attributes are the descriptors we use to define kinds of products. For example, we could describe a tshirt by the color and size. These attributes mean that in the real physical world your store may only carry one red shirt, but you have three sizes or three "variations."
  • Does all categories allow variation / configurable listings?
    Not all categories support listings with variations. Currently, you can create a listing with variations in most categories within: Baby Clothing, Shoes & Accessories Crafts Health & Beauty Best Offer and Lots options aren't available when listing items with variations.