I will do a tarot reading

do a tarot reading
do a tarot reading
do a tarot reading

About This Gig

I come before you today with a chance to learn more about yourself, your life, and the way the people around you think. I've been reading tarot cards for a number of years now, about 7, and have done readings for friends and family. I recently decided to do some readings and was really well received (the pictures in the gig gallery are the proof of that). So therefore I decided to offer readings as a gig exclusive to Fiverr and open myself up to the world at large. 

The most common queries are get relate to love, life, and more often than not what people think about the questioner. "Will I find love?" and "How do people see me?" were the most common questions, and the ones I probably find easiest to answer. 

Remember that yes or no questions won't have a clear answer and you should be fine asking things. You can ask me about pretty much anything from life to love and beyond. I helped someone decide what they should do after college and they said they'll remember me and actually print out the readings I gave them and hang them in their office. 

That is a thing that happened.

I'm willing to do a three card spread about the past, present, or future, or answer three questions you have. 

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