I will write an article about computer related topics for $5

1 Revision Included / 5 Days On Average
write an article about computer related topics
write an article about computer related topics

About This Gig

For only $5, I'll write an article (about 400 words long) about computer related topics of your choice in my own words.

Make sure you contact me BEFORE ORDERING, to check with me can I write about a specific topic because I prefer to write about software and technology that I'm experienced with and know well, so I could write my own thoughts and my own opinions.

I have been using Macs for a long time and I consider myself an advanced Mac user. I also have years of experience with various versions of Windows and Linux and I always try to help friends and neighbors resolve technical issues with their computers or smartphones when they ask me about it or help them with an advice when they need help to choose what kind of computer to get.

There were also other operating systems that I had a chance to use (Open Solaris, Haiku OS, the old Mac OS which Macs used before OS X, MS-DOS... etc), but I've mostly used just OS X, Windows and Linux.

I'm also a member of "Apple Beta Software Program" and "Windows Insider Program", so I can test and review newest versions of OS X and Windows when they are released to Beta testers.

I can write in English, Serbian or Croatian.