I will do a video review of your website

do a video review of your website

About This Gig

Welcome to my Gig page!

The idea for this Gig is this: you send me your website and UP TO 3 TASKS, that you want me to do on your website.

I turn up the screen recorder and start with opening your platform in Google Chrome browser. Then I perform in a perfectly natural way all the tasks you provided. This way you will be able to watch the entire process all the time. The video will have a minimum length of 3 minutes, but in most cases it is around 5 - 6 minutes.

At the end I close the website, stop the recording and start writing a full report of the whole process. I describe every obstacle I have found and conclude with an overall experience.

All of the above can also apply to:
  • Mobile apps
  • Mobile websites
  • Softwares

I have gained experience on this field by performing tasks on platforms such as www.usertesting.com. Usually, you will pay much more here for the same service as this one.

With the second and third package you will also get my speech while performing the provided tasks. I will turn on the microphone and describe the experience in real time. This way you will get an even greater insight in your site performance.

You will a get a perfect r
eport on your website!

Order Details

1 day delivery 1 Revision

Written review + video

Screen recording of doing tasks on your website and written report (up to 3 tasks)

  • Test Scenario
  • Test Mobile
  • Test Desktop
  • Summary Report
  • 2 Minutes
  • 5 Pages Tested
  • Annotated Screen Shots