I will solve a seemingly unsolvable problem

solve a seemingly unsolvable problem

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  3 solutions to your seemingly unsolvable problem plus a count of all the basic solutions. Complete list of basic solutions for your seemingly unsolvable problem so you can choose the best. Full package to find all the solutions, choose the best, & help knock out the barriers to implement
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About This Gig

Are you stuck with a Catch-22, Chicken & Egg, No-Win, Rock & a Hard Place, Dilemma?

If you have one of these "Yes; but" type of problems I'll reveal 3 real solutions to your seemingly unsolvable problem. How can I do that?

I use a proven system of thinking called Predictive Innovation. A typical "Yes, but" dilemma has 15 different solutions hidden in plain sight. Predictive Innovation uncovers those solutions.

For example: "I need a new suit to get a job; but, I need a job to afford to buy a new suit." This is a seemingly unsolvable problem. There are at least 21 solutions to this seemingly impossible problem.

Here is the deal. Tell me you problem worded like:
"I want ___; but, ___" 

and i'll send you back 3 solutions.