I will accurately transcribe 40 minutes

accurately transcribe 40 minutes

About This Gig


I can provide highly accurate transcripts of almost all audio or video formats, be it podcasts or presentations, webinars or seminars, meetings or YouTube videos.
I will
  • timestamp any places (or words) that are incomprehensible  
  • proofread final transcript for grammatical errors and frequently made mistakes
  • accept unclear audio if at least 50% is understandable
  • provide unlimited revisions if customer satisfaction is not met
  • charge an extra fee only for additional speakers and minutes, and verbatim transcription

Feel free to contact me for any specific instructions or requirements.

Be advised that if the audio is unclear, or has a noisy background, and generally, is beyond the limits of human capacity to comprehend, then kindly do excuse any mistakes. After all, I'm only human... =)

That being said, please be assured that it will be my utmost effort to provide you with an as-accurate-as-possible transcript of your file.

Order Details


Accurate transcription of your audios/videos with unlimited revisions (if necessary) =)

  • Verbatim Transcription
  • Time Reference
  • Proofreading
  • Up to 1 Speaker
3 days delivery unlimited Revisions