I will create texts for your emails

create texts for your emails

About This Gig

I will create effective, professional copy to use for your email workflow automation or newsletter for $5 per email of up to 300 words

I offer customized copy for different type of automated emails you will be sending to your customers or website visitors, for example
  • New registration - make them welcome with a compelling note, tell them what they can expect, give them a special offer or a tip on what to do next.

  • Follow up on website/app activity - when a specific action by a user requires an email to be sent (purchasing or ordering, enquiry, clicking on a specific link) - make it a compelling call to action by sending the right email.

  • Thanking your best customers - you might want to send emails on a regular basis to your best customers to say 'thank you'. I can help you with tailoring the text according to different target groups so you can make them feel special and ensure their loyalty.