I will do wedding tear of happiness

do wedding tear of happiness
do wedding tear of happiness

About This Gig

Morning sun flares touches the white beautiful festive ornaments on the table where memories in flesh of paper are spread everywhere, reflecting the tender suntouch. But this is not a scene of a baroque movie, these are your memories, from your white wedding and your amazing unforgettable photos. Having the photos of your computer and watching them after several months is emotional, but watching them on your favourite music on a beautiful made movie is romantic flow of emotions...

  • Requirements to get started: 4 introductionary textings (may contain bride and groom names, place of celebration etc.) and 12 images. Music is by your own choice!

This one is a small part of my hundreds of templates I own. If you imagine your slideshow or logo in different way - contact me and I will try to meet your preferences ! Cheers!

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