I will promote your book or service to over 29k on Linked In

promote your book or service to over 29k on Linked In

About This Gig

I have an established Linked In profile and often use it to pr*mote books and other client products successfully.

I built my contact list one by one over the past several years.It is now past 29k and still growing. According to LI, I have over 34,000,000 - yes 34 MILLION professionals in my network.

Checkout the gig extras for multiple deals.

Each order is for 1 book (or product or service)

As a published author- I will tell you that prom*ting to this list has generated good book sales for myself time and time again.  

There is no guarantee of any sales, clicks, traffic etc. but like any marketing,  one must test and measure to be successful.

I like to write the copy as though coming from myself - one sentence, perhaps two at most.  You're welcome to send an overview but remember - we want to entice the reader to click so we want to keep the copy short.

Authors - I also HIGHLY ADVISE adding the Pinterest gig for authors only. Just look at my other gigs and you will see it.

Using a consistent Linked In and Pinterest marketing strategy allows my own Bo*ks to climb sales wise EVERY DAY.  Let's get you on the sales track.