I will create anything from Pages

create anything from Pages
create anything from Pages
create anything from Pages

About This Gig

Oh no! Do you have to make a brochure, poster, certificate, etc., but don't know how? Do you want your audience to remember your presentation because of how professional or creative it looked? Or maybe you don't have enough time in a day? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you've come to the right place. I believe there is a creative side to any presentation, and I enjoy helping my clients bring out that side. I put a lot of time and effort into each and every project, and I value my customers' satisfaction. Upon starting a project, I always send a free sample to make sure I'm doing exactly what my client requests in the fashion they want it. I work from a MacBook Air, and I can create or reformat anything within pages:
  • reports (i.e., term papers, school reports, visual reports, project proposal)
  • letters 
  • resumes 
  • flyers & posters
  • cards
  • certificates
  • newsletters
  • miscellaneous (brochures, invoices, digital books [ePubs])

Because I'm just starting out, everything - and I do mean everything - costs the low price of $10. Thats right - no extra charges for anything. Take advantage of this while you can! Thank you for reading, and I look forward to working for you!

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2 days delivery

make anything within pages

make anything in pages format