I will provide Resume and Cover Letter Editing

provide Resume and Cover Letter Editing
provide Resume and Cover Letter Editing

About This Gig

Provide me with the content, and I will give you excellence!

I can edit content, design a professional resume, provide recommendations with language and word choice, and help to get you hired.

I can also draft a single page cover letter for a particular employer, highlighting your excellent qualifications and focusing on the many reasons why YOU should be hired.


1. Resume Design & Editing - $5
2. Cover Letter Editing - $5
3. Resume Building/Writing - $10
4. Cover Letter Writing - $10
5. Resume Editing & Cover Letter Editing Package - $10
6. Resume Building/Writing & Cover Letter Writing Package - $15

(Please contact me for custom orders).

I am also available to write an excellent cover letter for you. Please review the packages below to see the offers.

I have worked extensively providing career advice, interview skills, and resume content and formatting assistance for job seekers of all ages--whether highly educated with lots of work experience, or those fresh out of high school or college looking for that first job.

I have 15+ years of experience in writing, hiring, and business communications. I know EXACTLY what employers want to hear.