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Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by hotmaildj1415 4 days ago
I had done a lot of research on my family and felt like I hit a dead end. Mary was able to provide me with even more details than I could have hoped for! I am amazed at how quickly she delivered such a thorough report. I can't recommend her highly enough! Thanks so much.
Reviewed by jordroz 13 days ago
Thank you so much Mary! I have spent probably months digging the information that Mary was able to find in just a few days. Very knowledgable, friendly and detailed responses as well as where you may be able to investigate further. Ultimately Mary provides the best genealogy gig out there. I will definitely be using her services again soon.
Reviewed by dukeofharbord 28 days ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by killertomato about 2 months ago
Excellent, as always. Give Mary a try!
Reviewed by topsecret about 2 months ago
I highly recommend Mary!
Reviewed by amos8046 2 months ago
Fantastic fast and thorough research! Mary has resources not available to the novice, knows just where to look, and sends all the valuablebibliographic sources too. Save countless hours - just ask for Mary's help.
Reviewed by lateralz about 2 months ago
Very thorough! Helped fill in the gaps and so interesting to find out more! Thank you - can't wait to do more with you!
Reviewed by livelys2 3 months ago
The results I got were amazing, will definitely have more done.
Reviewed by jakslax 3 months ago
Thank you for digging into my history like you did. And for giving me areas to continue my search.
Reviewed by michael93422 3 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by eeusarange 3 months ago
Thank you for the fast service. I will be sure to get you involved with my next search.
Reviewed by michael93422 3 months ago
great service, would definitely recommend, very nice person to deal with
Reviewed by dennislacroix 5 months ago
Learning more about grandparents' early years in America.
Reviewed by quartullo 6 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by yahshurun 6 months ago
Infomation and pictures were found along with references to where to find further infomation. A good level of communication was provided. I am pleased with the service.
Reviewed by getitdone21 6 months ago
Thanks Mary! Everything was smooth, punctual and concise. Highly recommend. Found out more than I thought would. This service is invaluable instead of spending hours on the other search sites. Spent hours with dead end searches. Work smarter not harder. Can't wait to work on the next project.
Reviewed by stelardoc 6 months ago
Very thorough in research and explanations. One thing leads to another.
Reviewed by quartullo 7 months ago
Great work, thorough and provided document proof. I totally recommend this seller!
Reviewed by kellihastings 7 months ago
Getting more information about grandparents. It is wonderful to have someone think through the possibilities and find relevant information.
Reviewed by quartullo 7 months ago
do genealogy research for your family tree

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  45 min of online research into ONE person in your family tree 1.5 hr of online research into your ancestor and their immediate family: parents, kids, sibs, spouse Two hours of online research on UNLIMITED people and lines in your family tree
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About This Gig

Genealogy has become a popular hobby, and why not? Everybody wants to know where they came from and where they belong! But sometimes you just don't have the time or even know where to start.

I've been doing family history research for 15+ years & I will do a half hour of research on one person in your family tree! There are no guarantees in genealogy as to what, if any, info you will find, but the things I will look for are:  birth, marriage, death records; immigration records; places of residence/origin; names of parents, siblings, spouses and/or children; occupation. I will send you my results - in some cases, specific information, and in others, exactly where you can find that information, along with all sources and document images. If I can't find anything, I'll send you a list of ideas of where or how you might consider proceeding. Please consider my gig extras for more time/people - I am a tenacious researcher once I get started and I am very good at finding people when given enough time! I specialize in, but am not limited to, the New York metro area, German ancestry & colonial America. I WILL NOT LOOK FOR LIVING INDIVIDUALS - most of those records are sealed anyway!!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you do only online research?
    At the moment, yes, but I will tell you about any real world repositories and records you should check out if I learn about them. Luckily, there are many reputable and reliable genealogy resources currently available online!
  • Will you send me whatever documentation you find?
    Yes. Usually it will be in the form of a jpg photo, but if I find any actual document images online, I include them in the results I send you. If there is no actual image, but a written transcription, I will send that to you in the form of a Word document as well.
  • Will you send me a report along with documentation?
    Yes. Depending on how in-depth the information is and how many people you ask me to look into, I will send you a report on your person or family, along with an explanation of any documents I found that are not self-explanatory.
  • Can I hire you to find a living relative?
    Please do NOT ask me to look into living relatives. Most recent records are unavailable, online or in any form, in order to protect the privacy of living individuals. I am not a private investigator. If you couldn't find them using the Internet, I probably can't either.