I will write a script for radio ad in Russian

write a script for radio ad in Russian

About This Gig

If you need a radio advertisement in Russian using Google translator isn’t a good idea. You can order a translation from English into Russian, right, BUT advertising is very tricky thing. If you want to get your Russian-speaking audience attention you must THINK like them, use the idioms they use, words they understand … so, to create an ideal script for radio ad in Russian you better hire me!

I’ve been working in radio advertising since 1999. Yep, for so long.

Exclusively on Fiverr.com  I offer you script for your ad in Russian for just 5$!

I also can produce the radio ad according to my script (for prices, please, check my extras and packeges)

So, if you want to sell something to the Russian-speaking audience I’m here to help you!