I will play complex metal drums on your track session drummer

hi dude you're awesome no doubt i have written it by myself and produced it ill be happy to make some more dent prog songs with u in the future regarless to fiver i need the micas but first see if everything sits in place and also i need a midi of your drumming fr my bassit thanks a lot !!!!
Reviewed by tomerborenstein 8 months ago
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Amazing drummer and excellent to work with!
Reviewed by dsarco 8 months ago
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100% recommended, i got what i wanted. i love what you did , sounds unique, thanks so much, i will contact you soon for more projects .
Reviewed by compapoly 9 months ago
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Massball Rocks!!! (: blew me away, more than happy (:
Reviewed by manzel 9 months ago
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play complex metal drums on your track  session drummer
play complex metal drums on your track  session drummer

About This Gig

Before you read on, check my video to see me play, hear my style, and experience my high recording quality.

Watched the video yet? Still interested? ok...

There are a lot of drummers on here, I specialise in Metal and Rock drumming and if that is what you are looking for you have come to the right place.

Got a heavy or dramatic song that needs powerful drums? I am your man!
For $100 you get world class drumming on your track, I delivery multiple microphone outputs so you can mix the drums to your tastes in the format of your choice (WAV is the default).

I'm charging way more than what other users on Fiverr are charging, but I spend a lot more time on my tracks and I charge up to 10x this rate for studio work.  I spend on average 4 hours on each track.

This is your music, if you want something awesome from a drummer that understands heavy music, and I have a lot of experience. If you want to see me playing with my latest band search google for "Boardwalks Homefront".

I spend a lot of time on my tracks. I'm worth the extra and so is your music.

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