I will boost You in League of Legends

boost You in League of Legends

About This Gig

I'm playing LoL since the end of season 1. I had Diamond in season 3, 4 and 5 and 1600 elo in season 2.

I play mostly MID, Jungle and TOP. Please order one division and wait for it to be done before next.
Server EUW, EUNE, TR and RU. I don't boost on NA (ping).

Tiers Available: Bronze-Gold.

Bronze 5-2 10$ per Div. (2 gigs)
Bronze 1*-Silver 2 15$ per Div. (3 gigs)
Silver 1*-Gold 4 20$ per Div. (4 gigs)
Gold 3-Gold 2 25$ per Div. (5 gigs)
Gold 1* 30$ (6 gigs) (contact me first for cheaper price depending on your LP)

*Bronze 1, Silver 1 and Gold 1 boosts mean advance to a higher tier.

Discounts available when ordering 4 or more divisions.