I will professionally mix and master your song

professionally mix and master your song
professionally mix and master your song

About This Gig

Basically, mixing is done before mastering. Mixing involves professionally adjusting and combining individual tracks together to form a stereo audio file. The stereo file is then mastered which ensures the various songs are clearly polished and form a cohesive whole on an album. It takes a professional in music mixing and mastering to give the best. Search no more, i will

  • Mix and Master any song/music from stem 
  • Equalization
  • Compression
  • Normalization
  • Vocal Editing
  • Create MIDI tones 
  • Master Upbeat for song
  • Fader adjustment
  • Adjusting reverb
  • Music Optimization
  • Master for iTunes, Sound-cloud etc
  • Deliver high quality 320Kbps Mp3
  • Silence/Invert curse words
  • Convert audio file format (.mp3,.wav,.mp4, etc)

And so much more i can do. I use DAW, precisely FL Studio and Adobe Audition CC/3.0 for all my work. Kindly, feel free to inbox me before ordering this gig.

Order Details

2 days delivery unlimited Revisions


On this gig, i will do quick mixing, EQ, and normalization

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How fast can you deliver?
    Within 24hrs
  • Can you mix and master vocals?
  • Can you master already produced song to sound better?
    Yes. But do not expect too much as mastering already produced song or audio can be sensitive because all sounds and vocals has been compressed into one audio. I have done similar jobs and they sounded better. I and confident yours would not be any different. Thank You