I will detach cords and cleanse your aura

detach cords and cleanse your aura

About This Gig

Do you feel tired all the time? Feel unbalanced? Have mental or physical distress? Well, your aura is lacking adequate energy to help you function normally on a daily basis. 

You may have several energy/etheric cords from known or unknown individuals attached to your aura. These cords are draining your vital energy causing damages to your aura. Whether the cords are healthy or unhealthy, they do not belong in your aura. 

I have no mercy on dark forces who come to destroy innocent people, and attach to the aura too! I banish and destroy any form of energy not belonging to you. Order my gig, and I will make sure your aura is stronger than you can imagine. 

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Detach cords and cleanse your aura

Take out all cords from aura. Cleanse - heal your aura.