I will analyze your Bazi and give you auspicious lucky business name

analyze your Bazi and give you auspicious lucky business name

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By analyzing your personal Bazi and the nature of your business, I will proivde an auspicious and super lucky business name and or company name for your business



To succeed by in business, Your Bazi and Business name must have mutual favorable Qi (energy) and vibrations. You should choose your business name supported by your auspicious Chinese Five Elements 五行based on your personal Bazi.

Letters govern every function or aspect and movement on this planet and beyond. This is because each letter has its own Chinese Five Elements 五行belonging and carries a Qi (energy). When the Qi is not flowing in harmony, it is the recipe for failure.


When letters are represented or repeated more than once in your business name, the Qi energy of these letters are more intense.


When you begin a new business, you want to be sure that the Chinese Five Elements 五行 in the Business name are compatible with your personal auspicious Bazi Chinese Five elements 五行.  Otherwise you may find yourself out of sync with the business. The resulting conflict can cause failure of your business.





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