I will be your supportive counsellor and friend

be your supportive counsellor and friend

About This Gig

Hi and welcome to my gig.

Are you feeling alone, tired, unheard, frustrated, angry or generally just do not feel like your been heard or getting the support you need?

I am here to offer my support and guidance to you, I currently volunteer as a support worker for the young and old been someone who will listen and attend to their needs as much as possible.

I am here to give you advice when needed, opinions someone who will listen to you and support you. So if you just want to chat about your day to day life or chat about your marriage, relationship, business or ventures I am all ears whatever it may be.

I will give you 100% of my attention at all times and once you order this gig you get my support and guidance for as long as you need not just ONCE!

So do not delay order today for satisfaction guaranteed :)

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