I will provide you WONDROUS amazon review in 24hrs

provide you WONDROUS amazon review in 24hrs

About This Gig

I will provide you with a Postive and UNIQUE Product Review in 24 hrs- May be verified or unverified depending on the situation.

Reviews are posted from a personal amazon user profile, no proxies used, no reason for it to be removed. 

Verified Reviews Requirements and Route Necessary:

  • 1. Your Product needs to be Free (i.e. Kindle Free Book Promo days)
  • 2. You can also provide me with gift card code (s) to purchase your product.
* I do apologize, but I will not be using my personal funds to make purchases.

*For quick posting you can receive unverified ones which can be at times posted within the hour depending on when I have viewed your information.

--Feel Free to message me if anything may be unclear, if not Order Now. :)


*100- 250 words
*If you see it necessary you can provide me with a paragraph for guidance.

*I will focus on the positive attributes of your product in feedback.

1 (1 product)= 1 gig purchase

2 (2 different products)= 2 gig purchases

3 (3 different products)= 3 gig purchases

5 gig Purchases gets you 2 free reviews to any product of your choosing.

Thank you so much for stopping by and I truly hope I see you on the other side. :)