I will secure your wordpress site from hackers

secure your wordpress site from hackers

About This Gig

Are you feeling insecure about your wordpress site? I know the pain of losing a website’s data! According to Forbes magazine 30,000 websites are hacked every day. So in this gig I will install and configure a wordpress free plugin into your site which will secure from all kind of cyber hackers and your site will be kept secured 100%.

From this service you will be getting:

√ Your website login security

√ IP security

√ Website scan

√ And many more

So no one can login your site with your given specific user name. After getting the service you can block any IP user who breaks your rules. The plugin will scan your site and detect any issue if occurs. It’ll automatically detect the issues of your site. So you don’t have any tension to your site’s update. If there any update available you will be notified through your email.

There are so many others advantages of the plugin. I hope you will be satisfied and feel 100% secured using the service.

What’s Needed from you:

  • Just your wordpress site’s login details.

Feel free to contact me if you need any further info regarding the service.

N.B: you can change your website's password any time through your dashboard.

Order Details

1 day delivery