I will make you a bot that answers questions on Facebook Messenger

make you a bot that answers questions on Facebook Messenger

About This Gig

I will make you a BOT for that answers questions on Facebook Messenger.

Here you can see a chatbot that I made:


It recommends games for customers based on what genre they want to play. If you watch the video, you will see an option to test it yourself.

If you have a facebook page, and hate replying to the same questions all the time, make a bot that does it for you :)

It is great for showing your products, recommending stuff, explaining what you do, scheduling meetings etc.

You can have up to 10.000 customer interactions for free.

The bot will know answer on:

10 different questions - one gig
50 different questions - two gigs
150 different questions - three gigs
300 different questions - four gigs
500 different questions - five gigs.

For more, see extra gigs.

You chose whatever questions you want it to react to, and what answers it gives.

It can also answer with links, images, and gifs.

If you want to add links to bot answers, order one Botty gig
Links and images(in separate messages), order two Botty gigs.
Links, images and gifs(in separate messages), order three Botty gigs.

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