I will review you product on Online shops

review you product on Online shops
review you product on Online shops

About This Gig

I Will review you product on Online shops in English, German or French
To reassure online shopping website, I pledge on my honour that no reviews will be fake and i will always have the article and say the truth about what I think.
The review can be on any product (see below for more details) :
1. I need to get more than the product price if I pay it to do the review (only with extra offers).
2. A second option is that you pay 5$(without options) for each article and you send me them yourself. If you just need one video on an article and not all, just take one option.

The best way is that you ask me before taking the Gig.

The delivery time can be just 3-4 days if i get the article(s) fast. I live in France.
If the product isn't interesting for me, I can cancel the order.
For Websites that I accept, please ask me.

And here products that I can review (Maybe i've forgotten some so ask me before) :
Blu-Ray/DVD, Books, High-Tech products, Bike products, Music products, Car products

Order Details

Quantity choice (1-10)

Take +1 for each article where a review is needed

15 days delivery