I will give you my fitness routine that helped me lose 50 lbs

give you my fitness routine that helped me lose 50 lbs

About This Gig

After struggling with weight most of my life, I finally discovered a plan that worked for me, that was SUSTAINABLE. Many make the mistake of looking at the mindset of losing weight as a "diet". The word "Diet" automatically carries short term connotations. My program is something I consider a LIFESTYLE change.

In this gig I will tell you exactly what I did step-by-step to lose the weight and KEEP it off. Many people become discouraged or get off track because many fitness programs are too complex. 

My routine (that I discovered through trial and error) is one that is simple to follow, you'll never be hungry and doesn't require you to do anything extreme (i.e. crash diets)

I have a passion for helping people achieve their goals and I want to help YOU!

Heres what you'll get for the $5 gig option:

  • The basic food plan I used
  • The basic exercise routine I used

Keep in mind that while my routine has proven to work, there MUST be COMMITMENT on your end to actually put plan into action

It's important to understand that everyone's goals and bodies are different, and therefore you may need to tweak my routine to fit your goals and how your body responds to different foods and exercises.