I will master your track, for Soundcloud, iTunes

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master your track, for Soundcloud, iTunes
master your track, for Soundcloud, iTunes

About This Gig

Master your songs in a Professional Mastering Studio for just $5! 

WHAT WE DO: We will take your demo or final audio recording. We will apply professional sound enhancement techniques using our experienced ears and high end mastering tools to deliver you a master, with punch, clarity, depth and detail and of course with an optimum sound level.

DO YOU NEED IT?: EVERY single CD or Record in your collection has been mastered, and all of the big records, by a professional mastering engineer. If you want to sound professional and consistent with other music out there then YES you need to have your recording mastered. 

THE RESULTS: Our goal is to master your music to the highest possible standard so that it stands out from the crowd.... Clean, Clear, Loud and Punchy.

  • The Best Quality Guaranteed. Professional Mastering Service.
  • Any Genre/Style. I can Master/restore any track you need.
  • Your Song will be Carefully Processed for more Loudness, Punch, Warmth, Clarity and Stereo.
  • I will send you the Master in High Quality 320Kbps Mp3 and/or WAV format