I will fix your bibliography in Chicago style format

fix your bibliography in Chicago style format

About This Gig

Your essay is golden, but your bibliography is a mess.

Should the title of that journal be in quotation marks or italicized? How do you handle something with multiple authors? What's the rule on citing online sources?

I can help. I edit and proofread academic papers professionally. For $5, I'll look at your references page (up to 1000 words/two pages worth) and fix everything so it's correct according to Chicago (CMS) formatting rules.

Have more than two pages of references? Want me to make sure the in-text citations are correct too? You've got options.

I'm also happy to put together a custom offer for you if the options below aren't quite the best fit. Just get in touch.

Send your paper in .doc or .docx format. I'll edit with Track Changes on, so you'll be able see what I changed throughout.

Note: I won't be editing or rewriting the actual content of your paper. This gig is just for fixing your bibliography. Thanks!

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Fix your Chicago style bibliography

1000 words worth of reference correction

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5 days delivery