I will write a short story of up to 500 words

write a short story of up to 500 words

About This Gig

I dabble in creative storytelling, and I am willing to write a short story for your reading enjoyment. The story will be up to 500 words, and will be on the prompt and/or genre of your choosing. Let me know what sort of story you're looking for, and I'll write it.

A few caveats: remember, this is a SHORT story, so keep the prompts simple. Also, these are SFW stories, so no erotica. There might be some swearing, unless you request otherwise. Once you've paid for them, the stories are yours to read and enjoy, but please be respectful of my work and don't try to pass off my writing as your own. Don't use me to do your homework for you or try to enter a writing contest or anything like that. I license all my stories through Creative Commons. If you do choose to share the stories, please attribute them to me and don't try to make money off of them.

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