I will make a prank call for you

make a prank call for you
make a prank call for you

About This Gig

For only $5, I will make a prank call for you to any* number you wish (well, almost, see below).

This service includes:
  1. Recorded phone call to be sent to you
  2. Prank call to any person or number*.
  3. My guarantee that if the Prank Call fails, I will at no extra charge make another prank call for you to either the same number or a different number of your choice.
  4. I can come up with my own prank call script based on information you send me about the number or work with you to create one together!
  5. Caller ID spoofing (I can make my caller ID appear as whatever number you want!)
Where I WILL call:
  • Any* number located in the United States, or Canada
  • International prank calls may be considered for an additional charge, contact me first!
  • ^ I only speak English^

What I will NOT do.
  • I will NOT call emergency services, medical facilities, hotlines, 900 numbers, toll calls.
  • I will NOT call New York's 518 area code (this is local for me, I don't prank locally)
  • Threaten, harass, or make anyone feel unsafe
  • Use strong profanity
  • Impersonate law enforcement or government agencies
  • Anything else which would get me arrested.

Note: I retain the copyrights to all prank call recordings, you have a license to use it as you wish.

Order Details

4 days delivery

Prank Call

Send me a name, number, and may be a topic and I'll give you a hilarious prank call!