I will write any scriptlet in any script language

write any scriptlet in any script language
write any scriptlet in any script language

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Description Simple stuff Kind of hard stuff Hire me for a day
  fix or build simple scripts fix or build scripts of medium complexity Hire me for an 8 hour work day to work on any problem you have. I'm yours for a day.
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About This Gig

I will write a PHP function scriptlet for any small problem you need solved.  You'll need to provide a clear, unambiguous description of what the function needs to do.  Please see the requirements below.

Thanks for the inquiries so far!  Everyone has been pleasant to communicate with and provided some challenging problems they'd like solved.

Let me clarify the requirements a bit:  this is for a single PHP function scriptlet.  It does not include any html front-end -- that is an add-on.  It is not for a script file -- that could be dozens or hundreds of functions.  It does not include an database storage or retrieval -- that is an add-on.  This gig solves very specific problems that require a scriptlet.

The idea with this gig is to attract specific functions that you do not know how to write.

I will be making more gigs for different types of problems so in the meantime please message me if you have a job request that doesn't fit this gigs description and we can discuss creating a gig that does fit.