I will index 2000 URLs for SEO Backlink Indexing

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index 2000 URLs for SEO Backlink Indexing
index 2000 URLs for SEO Backlink Indexing

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Description Basic Indexing Service Multi Indexing Brutal Indexing Service
  Indexing service for up to 2000 URLs. 3 Services used for indexing up to 2000 URLs. Single reboost available for more link juice. 5 indexing services with 5x boosting for maximum indexing. Reboosting available for more link juice.
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About This Gig

Most backlinks created for SEO are a waste of time as they rarely get discovered by the search engines. Your backlinks need to be discovered for the search engines to count the virtual vote back to your main site or feeder sites.

Submit up to 2000 URLs for any other indexable web page.

See 'Dynamic Backlinks and Indexing' gig for fast link creation service.

Note that this is not to be considered a back-!ink creation service, but purely an indexing service.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A report can not be issued to work completed as sources need to be protected. URLs using this service which do not get indexed will be known to Google and count as a BL. Indexing of URLs will not be guaranteed as it is under the control of the search engines. Do not order if you do not agree to this!


Google only indexes around 5% of the pages it finds and does not discover all pages on the Internet. Search engines need to know of web pages to crawl them to discover the URLs going back to your website. Pages that are known of but not indexed will actually count as a BL. This can be seen in Google Webmaster Tools.

See FAQ and feel free to ask questions before submitting an order to put your mind at ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my backlinks/URLs be indexed?
    Indexing is entirely at the discretion of the search engines. The indexing service will constantly notify Google and others of all submitted URLs. The actual indexing is generally down to quality of a page. Junk pages may not be indexed but still count as a backlink.
  • How fast should the URLs be indexed?
    Tier 1 backlinks all going to a homepage are best to index slowly. 10 per day will create a consistent backlinking profile. No faster for new sites. 100 per day is fine for slightly aged sites. Tier 2 backlinks can be blasted quickly as there is generally a low number of links to each on tier 1.
  • How does the indexing service work?
    Each URL will be given a shortlink with '301 redirect'. These will be added to scheduler at a specified rate. The URLs are pinged out and added to XML files which are also pinged out. Many services are notified of your submitted URLs. Servers continuously notify the services until URLs are crawled.
  • How long does it take for the URLs to show in the search indexes?
    Indexing rates are very variable. Some URLs will be indexed on the same day as being crawled and others may take up to two months. Generally pages with decent content will be indexed in under 10 days from being crawled. Lesser quality pages may take up to 2 months. Inferior URLs may never make it.
  • Do I need keywords or phrases for the URLs?
    Due to the nature of this indexing service, there is no need for any keywords, phrases or anchor text. URLs are processed without the need for any other text. Search engines will crawl the URLs and are smart enough to determine the page content for indexing.
  • What sort of URLs can you index?
    Any URL can be processed through the indexing service. There are no restrictions on the page content of supplied URLs. Even '301 redirect' short URLs can be included. Basically if the URL resolves in a web browser, it can be used with the indexing service.
  • Will 301 shortlinks get indexed?
    Shortlinks with 301 redirect will not actually be indexed as the resolved URL will be the actual URL for indexing. Linking to these URLs using shortening services will actually pass link juice to your website without passing any penalties.