I will plant 3 trees in the Great Green Wall of Africa

plant 3 trees in the Great Green Wall of Africa

About This Gig

For just a fiver we will plant 3 trees on your behalf at the Great Green Wall of Africa.

The project aims to slow down and halt the growth of the Sahara in to the Sahel. The great green wall will start in Senegal on the West to Djibouti in the east.

The initiative is not just great for the environment and fighting climate change; it is also fantastic socially. Women are hired to collect seeds, the men get more money from farming and livestock and the children are able to go back to school to get an education.

Environmentally we are currently in a bit of a mess right now. We all need to be more sustainable and we need to capture carbon and there is no better way than plantin trees. Each tree will capture around a tonne of carbon in its lifetime.

Why not plant more trees or get a certificate to show people you care about the planet and the future of children.

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