I will test your websites usability

test your websites usability

About This Gig

You try and make your website easy to use, but the trouble is that you're totally familiar with it and so don't know how a stranger will find it. I will be your stranger! I'll visit your URL as a brand new visitor and tell you what works and what doesn't. A usability report can cost as much as six times this amount. I'll do it for just five dollars! * What's my first impression? * Can I easily do what the site asks me to do (i.e. buy something)? * Does anything frustrate me or annoy me? * Do I want to stay or move on? Why? * What do I find interesting and useful? You will receive a short written report highlighting what worked and what needs improvement. **This is not a comprehensive report, but an initial impression based on 10 minutes browsing - after all, the first impression is important! **only reputable websites will be tested for usability. No pornography or otherwise offensive sites.

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5 days delivery