I will make your podcast sound magical with editing and mixing

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make your podcast sound magical with editing and mixing

About This Gig

Let me help make your podcast sound as good as your content. One of the primary reasons that podcasts lose listeners is having poor sound quality. No other podcast edit gig gives you so much power. I'm a professional and use professional grade audio editing software and repair software.

As a customer, you will also get specific tips about your sound and how to improve it. I'll work with you to help you dial in a great sound.

  • Up to 15 minutes of production including:
  • noise reduction (you know that hiss or hum that you have in the background? I can KILL IT...RAWRRRR!)
  • de-reverb- even room reverb can be tamed
  • volume leveling
  • EQ/Compression, tone shaping
  • Intro/Outro added and mixed (you supply)
  • I'll edit, repair, remove 5 items total that you specify and identify time in file

If you need dead space, ums, errs, etc removed, I have great extras! Check them out.

I can do many other things, just ask and I can give you a quote.
  • produce podcast intros and outros.
  • add background music
  • supply voiceover
  • combine files

Order Details

The Magic

adjust volume, noise reduction, de-reverb, your intro/outro, 5 items edited, eq,

  • Up to 15 Minutes
  • HQ Audio File
2 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why were there some "umms" left in my audio?
    You want your podcast to sound as natural as possible. When I edit I will only remove items that leave the audio still sounding natural. Unnatural audio is more distracting than "umms, ahhs, etc". Listeners are used to hearing those. They arent used to hearing odd transitions from removal of umms.
  • Why do I have to provide times and locations for edits?
    At the rate I'm charging, I simply cant listen to every second of your audio. Most processing that I do is across the entire file which means I can spot check to be sure that it's good. Edits are more precise and if you tell me where they are and what you need done, we both win.