I will auto tune your vocal or bass track

auto tune your vocal or bass track

About This Gig

For $5 I will auto tune your vocal or bass track, using Melodyne 4 editor, in Pro Tools 12. I will do a basic auto tune, pulling your notes on key to the song you provide. I will make the tuning as transparent as possible, meaning it will sound natural and on pitch. This will not be a hard, T-pain effect, unless otherwise instructed. I will need you to provide the vocal or bass track in mono wav, as high bit and sample rate as you can provide (24/96k max). The higher the bit and sample rate you record at, the more natural the auto tune will sound. I will also need the backing music track, in a separate stereo wav file.

For extras, I can provide harmonies produced from your single vocal track (prior messaging required to discuss preference), taking your track into a different key (specified by you), and volume normalization/mix of your track.

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