I will find and record any sound

find and record any sound

About This Gig

For $5, I will take my field recording setup around my house (indoors and outdoors) and capture the sound of any object in stereo, 24bit/96k Wav. this sound will be professionally recorded, mixed, and edited in Pro Tools. I will also multisample, meaning I will give you up to 8 separate recordings of the same sound, if requested (This can be beneficial for creating a more natural effect if the sample is repeated). The file will then be yours to use as foley, for sampling, or sound fx for your project, royalty free! for the $5 gig, you are limited to sounds I have access to in and around my home.  This will have a 24hr turn around time. 
Examples include (but not limited to):
*foley that I can create with everyday objects
*footsteps on different surfaces
*doors opening and closing
*vehicle sounds (limited to the two cars I own)
*pots and pans
*sounds of things cooking

In my extras, I will offer sounds that may be harder to find, that I will have to travel for. 
Examples include:
*City ambience
*Vehicle sounds (specified type)
*factory or laboratory machinery
*crowd noise
*sounds from the inside of a cave
*sky's the limit! Message me prior to discuss!

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