I will perform audio restoration and clean up to your recording

perform audio restoration and clean up to your recording

About This Gig

For $5, I can raise your track to the standard volume level, perform eq, gate, and compression when necessary, and do basic mixing to your recording to make it shine! My extras include reducing the noise floor of a dialogue or vocal recording, repairing digital or analog clipping, removal of hum and ground loops, and removing clicks and pops!

The basic $5 gig applies to a single mono or stereo track. This is ideal for vocal recordings that need a little boost and clean up, as well as vinyl restorations. Please send me the best quality (high bit/sample rate) stereo or mono wav file you can. I can work with other file types, but the quality will be best on wav. I will send you a wav file of your restored recording at the bit and sample rate of your choice, delivered via fiver or email. Please message me for any questions.

-Reduction/Removal of analog or digital clipping! 
-Reduction of noise floor of your recording, without affecting tone and quality.
-Removal of hum and electrical noises
Eliminate pops, clicks, crackles, and digital impulse noises (Ideal for Vinyl Transfers)

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