I will record a beautiful clarinet solo in any genre for $5

record a beautiful clarinet solo in any genre
record a beautiful clarinet solo in any genre

About This Gig

Need a professionally-recorded clarinet solo? Send me your song, and I will send you back a high-quality studio recording of my playing (as a separate track, delivered as mp3 and wav files).

I can read music of any complexity and style, and can also improvise solos in any genre. I've been playing the clarinet for over 20 years, and while my strongest suits are jazz, classical, and klezmer, I am excited to work on music of all other genres! Check out a demo reel of my playing here: https://soundcloud.com/matvey-3/matveys-clarinet-demo-reel

One $5 gig covers up to 5 seconds of audio; for longer solos, please buy additional gigs (each additional gig covers an extra 5 seconds). If you'd like me to record over your track, please let me know exactly which parts I need to cover (i.e. 0:46-0:56). If you need more than one layer (multiple tracks with different harmony parts), or more than one microphone option (two mics, one close, one further away), please purchase the appropriate extras.

Gear I currently have access to: AMT WS clarinet mic, Oktava MK12 mics modded by Michael Joly, Shure KSM44A, A&H ZED-R16 Firewire mixer, Macbook Pro with Logic 9 & Ableton Live 8, iso booth.

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