I will critique a journal article for you

About This Gig

We at times find ourselves in situations where we are pressed for time, have to meet tight deadlines and critique journal articles without a clue of what it is all about. Worry no more, I have you covered. I have vast experience in journal article critiquing. Regardless of the field, I will critique that journal article for you. Quality assured, satisfaction guaranteed. 
The following are some of the points that I will seek to address in the critique:
  • Title: Is it appropriate and clear?
  • Abstract: Is it representative of the journal article?
  • Introduction: Does it make the purpose of the paper clear?
  • Article information: Is the information fact or opinion? Are there any errors of fact? Is it lacking information that you would expect to find? Are the illustrations used effective in presenting information? Is the author's language objective or emotional? What are the authors underlying assumptions?
  • Discussion: Is the study relevant? Does the author clearly outline methods used and results?
  • Organization: Is it logically organized and easy to follow?
  • Conclusion: Is it conclusive?
Kindly check below for a sample!
PS: Inbox before ordering!.

Order Details

Journal article critique

Basic word article

3 days delivery 1 Revision

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you require the original journal article?
    Yes! The original article is a requirement, Kindly attach when ordering.
  • Why should I make prior contact yet the gig description is clear?
    For purposes of clarity, to ensure there are no misunderstandings and to check if I am available. This is vital for a smooth experience for both you and me.
  • Will you convert my Journal article critique into a user friendly PowerPoint presentation with pictorial representations?
    I most definitely will but these are gig extras and not part of the basic gig offering.