About This Gig

Do you have goals that you want to complete, but struggle to stay accountable to them?  Do want to feel accomplished on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis by completing the goals that you set out to achieve?  Then this sheet is for you! This spreadsheet is the FASTEST WAY TO ACCOMPLISHING YOUR GOALS, GUARANTEED!

The spreadsheet is integrated so that as  you complete goals the spreadsheet changes color and messages appear letting you know how you are doing.

I can completely customize this sheet for you,  allowing you to choose up to 12 weekly, OR monthly goals.    For more options, please see the 'Extras' section below.  I cannot tell you how much this has helped me in staying productive and accomplishing goals each and every day.  Please see 'COMMENTS' for testimonials!

Info I need:
1. The number of goals you wish to complete per week, or month
2. What those goals are i.e. "gym 2 times a week, play guitar for 20 mins 5x/week, 1 random act of kindness/week, etc...
3. Be sure to include the NUMBER of TIMES you have to do a certain action in order to complete your weekly/monthly goal...i.e. gym 2X per week.

*I will send a generic sheet if instructions are not met, so PLEASE follow them!

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