I will do chatting with you on fb, whats app

do chatting with you on fb, whats app

About This Gig


Are you down,depressed,frustrated, stressed, or just bored out of your mind? I am someone whom you can share your day and problems with, whether it be related to Business,life,work, school, relationship or just life in general or any topic. Friendly chat to pass the time is great as well! I enjoy listening and giving advice, and can relate to the many stresses of what life brings. In my nearly 20 years of life, I have been told many times by strangers that I am an great listener and advice giver. 

Whether you need a friend to help you through tough times, tough love to get you on the right path, some wacky and opinionated advice, or just an awesome new friend to pass the time, just let me know how I can help you feel better today! :)

For $5 per 2 hr, I will be there to give you one on one attention for whatever you'd like to talk about. I am quick at responding and have great availability.

  • Your information and our conversation will be private.
  • No voice or video calls available at this time. 
  • Don't steal description. Be original.

Order Details

family package

I will do chat with you on facebook and whatsapp for 1 hr.

2 days delivery