I will make any smart system

make any smart system

About This Gig

Please contact me before ordering!

I will make any smart system required by user, this includes smart home, security systems and even robotics.
I have over 5 years of experience in this field and can give full schematics, simulation and offer open source programs for smart real time systems

Word smart means AI, thus programming may be built by using neural networks, fuzzy logic or even neurofuzzy, depending on user needs, and what he wants system to do
Some of my previous projects:
  • Home security systems, including finger print reader, face & voice recognition to access main gate in home
  • Power saving units such as auto lights that will turn of if there are no users in room
  • Replacing all remotes in home by your mobile phone and a hardware unit near each IR receiver such as TV, DVD and satellite
  • Smart cleaning robot that will automatically keep home clean
  • Smart carpet which will keep your mobile fully charge when it is inside room, anywhere no more than 2 meters higher from room carpet
  • Smart doors that will open automatically when you want to pass

And tons of other systems, Just tell me what you need!