I will teach you how to lucid dream

teach you how to lucid dream

About This Gig

lucid dream is any dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming.

That case is amazing since you can fully control your dream, change your world in seconds, and be hero of whatever you want! It's limitless fun, imagine how much fun can you get if you can control your dreams every night without even being worried about it! I do this myself every night and most likely enter to anime world where I talk to my hero there.

So technique is simple, just a device you turn on when you want to sleep, I will send you plans how to do it yourself, It's easy, cheap, safe and works great!

Note: Results may take two or three nights to appear, it varies from person to another.

Note 2: Train yourself on memorizing what's called "shadow dream" since you may forget your dreams fast! (In case you want to keep them in details, you may write them down)