I will give great relationship advice

give great relationship advice

About This Gig

Are you in a stressful relationship? Confused about how to take the next steps with someone?

I have been a part of a ridiculous amount of relationships. Some mature, some immature. Some platonic, some romantic. All of them learning experiences.

Friends come to me for advice when it comes to a relationship or a tough friendship.

I have been studying Psychology for 4 years now and have a ton of personal experience that helps me with my everyday relationships with other people.

Now I am here to offer my advice to you. I will listen to whatever your problem may be, and I will offer my well-thought out advice on what I think may help. I will also continue talking through everything with you until you feel confident enough to take your next steps, whatever they may be.

Send me your thoughts and concerns. Your questions and your problems. I will do what I can to help you.

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2 days delivery unlimited Revisions

Great relationship advice

I will listen to anything you have to say as well as provide my input on the topic.

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